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Low Carb Shepherds pie

well if you LC  long enough you will come across cauliflower mash. I tried it once, i boiled the cauli and mashed it with butter, t’was truly pants.

So here is what i did…

lean mince – as before spend more money on good mince it is worth it.

get your mince, add chopped onion and a beaten egg, get your hands in there and give it a good old mush around.

Fry mince til brown

Put in baking dish

get veggies of your choice, today i added, courgette, aubergine, carrot ( sml amt) bell pepper, mushroom

lightly fry your veggies in olive oil to give them a head start, but don’t cook them through. add to mince mix it up.

boil your cauli until al dente – not squishy.

then all the recipes tell you to blend it up – BUT NO! harken to me, mash with a fork until larvely and lumpy not mushy.

Add dble cream and cheese  and butter – this has to be left to your judgement – becuase we all like mash a different consistency. i hate watery squishy mash, but the cheese thickens it up nicely, i added cheddar and mozzerella.

bake in th’oven for 20 – 30 mins.


you can add bacon for extra taste – i did and i hated it so i wont do that again!

top with pepper

splash of lee & perrins in lieu of brown sauce ( ‘cos shep pie should have brown sauce)

ta daa

t’was larvelly

i added half a cup of bisto – but this might take up all your carbs so beware


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