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Curry Curry Curry and fake Rice

yes you can have curry night.

choose your Meat, i like chicken.

then the next bit is a bit of trial and error.  I use these.

tandoori spice



all spice

coconut cream

full fat cream

garlic from a packet.  real garlic has a ridiculous amt of carbs

flavoured olive oil – e.g. lemon or garlic or chilli

veggies to your taste, i add mushroo, bell pepper, onion,

add half a can of tomato

bung it all in a pan and cook til done.

its hard to put a carb value on this, spices do have a carb value, but its not much

bell pepper – 5 ish

1/2 onion – 4

1/2 can of tomatos – 6, but this reduces in cooking so count 4.

cream – 2 depending on amt.

Fake Rice

grate a cauliflower – i know that’s weird right?

then you can either fry with butter or put in microwave, i put in microwave only for about 2 mins

it doesn’t taste like rice, but its a nice accompanier

  1. Megg
    December 2, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    So glad to have come on here and had a nosey- fab!
    Just wanted to add that grated ginger is a revelation to me since I started to prepare fresh curries. Gives a lovely depth of heat and a bonus is it’s great ffor the digestion too, I always cook it off with garlic and the oil.

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