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Quick Chick Curry

QCC – ingredients

Garlic Powder



Tikka Spice

1/2  Tin Tomatos

Chili Olive oil

Water ( optional)

Onion (optional)

for one chicken breast, a heaped tsp of each spice and 2 of tikka spice.  2tbsp olive oil.  bang it all in a pan and mix to make a nice curry liquid.

To begin with put your chicken in a bag or cellophane and pound it until it is thin.  I have used an actual hammer to do this, a wine bottle and a pestle, i might have to buy the correct hammering kitchen thingy one day!

Then cut the chicken into pieces  and bung in pan with spices it takes about 10-15 minutes to cook

I like a thicker sauce that has cooked for a little bit longer, that is why i add about 4 tbsp of water and i let it reduce right down until there is hardly any liquid.

delish with Quesedillas! (see recipes)


carb count

1`/2 onion = 3

garlic powder 1 tsp – 2 carbs – (actual garlic clove is about the same)

other spices = no idea i never count spices

chicken = 0

1/2 tin toms  = 6

about 11 carbs – one chicken breast did two small lunches

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