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Celeriac Crisps

If you have ever tasted the vegetable crisps at Pret a Manger then you will know what a treat you are in for.

slice the celeriac as thinly as possible

heat up a pan of oil and when it is super hot, put in the celeriac and cook until golden brown

add flavouring such as salt or paprika

its a faff, grating celeriac slices really thinly is harder than you think, but if  you are desperate for a bag of crisps – as number one crisp monster, i can tell you, you won’t be disappointed

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  1. Amy
    December 24, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    I might try dehydrating them. The very hot oil bothers me slightly. I just got myself a dehydrator and celeriac crisps sounds like a good idea.

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