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Low Carb Chicken Mash Pie

put chicken pieces, leek, onion, pepper into an oven proof dish

chicken stock – only half of though, pour over.

cook in oven til reduced

Celeriac Mash

1/2 celeriac – cook as you would potato and bring to boil then simmer until al dente – not squidgy.

mash it up.  do not add butter.  Celeriac is very watery, as you are mashing you may want to drain access water

add cheese, give another mash together.

take chicken out of the oven

put the mash on the top as you would with a shepherds pie.

put back in the oven until brownish.

celeriac 1/2 of –  9

chicken = 0

small onion = 4

1/2 leek = 3

stock cube 0.6

total carbs = 16.6

It would serve two people with a salad or something, but was so lovely, i ate it all!

After a couple of years doing this now, i am rather set in my ways as to what i eat.  This is a super tasty delicious wonderful  dish that i decided to cook to try out celeriac mash

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