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This is a Diet?

August 30, 2011 1 comment

Sugar free Jelly & Cream 

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Flavoured water

August 21, 2011 Leave a comment

lovely – cheap – flavoured water, sparkling. no carbs!

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August 7, 2011 Leave a comment

ZERO CARBS per serving, doesn’t man you can eat 10 sticks and it would still be zero carbs, its less than 1 carb per serving so it states zero carbs. – but there is a bit of a carb

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Boursin Minis – Who Knew THEY Existed?

July 5, 2011 Leave a comment

I find myself holding a pre packed salad containing lettuce leaves of various varieties, a couple of small salad tomatoes and bits of onion – and whilst I am congratulating myself on actually finding something for my lunch in a supermarket, that I don’t have to prepare whilst i am at work… My stomach has packed it’s suitcases and is threatening to leave our relationship.  Then I happen upon Boursin Minis – pop the lid, sprinkle a few over the salad and suddenly my stomach loves me again.

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June 29, 2011 Leave a comment

I discovered this in Asda, makes water more interesting.  It does have sucralose in, I shall report back on this.  it says it has 0.1 carbs and lots of B vitamins.  im giving it a go as i need to drink more water to detox a bit and this makes it easy – besides there’s something about opening a sachet… it’s so darned satisfying

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October 15, 2010 Leave a comment

quite new to me this, but it makes sense.  if you find you cook a certain meal that non of the rest of the family eat, then after you have bought it from the supermarket, split it up before freezing

For example, i buy the tesco mince and even a small packet, is too much becuase you add lots to it for the No Spag Bol.  so i take it out of the packet and divide in half, then i have my portions all ready.

I do the same with pork chops, i can’t eat four pork chops, so divide it up and freeze, that way when it coes to defrosting, you aren’t pondering on how you are going to eat it all, whether you can cajole your partner to eat some, or whether you will have to throw it away.

This stuff is common sense you say! Yes it is.  but when i come to open the freezer draw, if i am faced with potential food wastage, becuase i didn’t split the portion sizes before freezing, i look for soething else to eat.

then the devil on the shoulder says, “Lisa, it won’t matter if you just fling a potato in the microwave”

…and bollocks, all that weeks work is down the drain.  So its about simplifying the food decision making processes, making it easier and simpler.

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Plan ahead

October 15, 2010 Leave a comment

You simply cannot fight temptation.  So you must plan ahead.  Lets face it, if we low carbers could fight temptation, we just wouldn’t eat the shit we do – and we wouldn’t have to do this eating plan!

With that in mind, you should really think about how this is going to work day to day, especially if you work outside the home.

make your lunch the night before and take it with you.

I often have tins of tuna at the office, it doesn’t need a fridge, it can be kept in my drawer and i like it as it is.

always have some sugar free chewing gum around, it helps with the cravings