Food Diary



I PUT A WHOPPING 10lbs on over Xmas.  Pringles became my best friend once again.  Yesterday was my first day and my weight was 9.10.4

fr breakfast i had coffee


dinner – no spag bol


tea – more no spag bol ( i made a big pan in case i became really hungry as i am weaning off the sugar)


supper, i had one corned beef boat ( see recipes)


Today i weighed in at 9st 6.8


a loss of nearly 4 lbs in a day


this way of eating is simply magic









A typical week

18  Oct 2010  Daily Food Total = 20 Carbs

Breakfast = coffee

Lunch = Tuna drained, added garlic olive oil  with some lettuce.  on a Tortilla from lowcarb megastore.  all this = Total 3 carbs

Tea = No spag all bol.  This varies each time i make it,  so today it was: mince, garlic, chilli powder,  1/2 small onion = 3 carbs.  Small cup cauliflower  = 5carbs.  Yellow bell pepper = 5Carbs.  Tin of tomatos reduced right down = 7Carbs.  Tortilla = 3Carbs.  Total = 23 carbs HOWEVER – the portion size feeds 2 people – or me twice!  i only ate one portion, so lets half that. = 12Carbs

+3 from lunch, + Sweeteners in my coffee= 5carbs

Daily Food Total =20




lunch =half of the left over nospagbol + torilla = 9carbs

second lunch at 4pm the other half of the NSB = 9 carbs

chops x2 zero carbs

+ 5 for sweeteners in my coffee

daily carb total 23

I had tuna on its own for lunch – zero

tuna with mozzerella balls and sun dried tomatoes for tea – 8

5 sweeteners

daily total 13


lunch – black farmer sausages

tea – black farmer sausages with colac sugar free red sauce.

5 sweeteners

total 15

  1. Jodie Kane
    May 25, 2012 at 3:53 pm

    You have coffee for breakfast…I think I would die by about 10.30 if I did that lol!! I’m researching into the low carbs thing and the fact that you lost 4 lbs in a day has convinced me!! Plus the fact that you can eat meat as a snack…love it! i think I know what I will be eating for lunches and dinners and I have some snack choices from your site but what do you suggest for breakfast? I have breakfast at work as soon as I get there and have access to a make shift kitchen. Most people are saying omeletts are good?? Also do you have any recipe websites that you use…I’m finding it hard to find some really good ones..other than yours obviously!! he he

    thanks for any help,

    Jodie 🙂

    • February 13, 2013 at 10:19 pm

      Jodie, apologies for lateness in reply.
      boiled eggs – you can have soldiers too – if you get your bread from – bit of full fat mayo and some paprika and you have devilled eggs for a snack too – i digress

      bacon…say ‘beer can’ and it sounds like bacon in a Jamaican accent.

      sausage ( careful of carb count) i like to cook ’em leave em to stand and then eat them cold yummmmmm

      look in my recipes for low carb pancakes – you could have them for breakfast – but give yourself about 2 hours of pissing about getting it right time

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